Hardwood flooring is one of the most preferred flooring options – they create a luxurious and subtle impact and add a unique character to your home’s aesthetics.

Many people consider choosing hardwood flooring design for their place in Charleston, SC, but seldom explore the latest trends deemed the best in the market. They often end up investing in ordinary designs and regret their decision later.

If you are an interior enthusiast or thinking of getting hardwood flooring for your new home, knowing about the fresh market trends will help you create the best impression. Today, we, the team of Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings, are here to share with you the most favored hardwood flooring trends of 2019. This guide will help you cherry-pick a flooring option that suits your design preferences and is in vogue as well. Here you go –

1. Wide Designs

If you consider wide flooring out-of-date, you might be at fault because 2019 will bring back the old days.

Over the past few years, people are more inclined towards getting wide hardwood at their place. Wide hardwood can extend up to 7 inches. Surprisingly, the results look classy and elegant with the width. They make the place look spacious, so if this is what you are aiming for, wide designs should be your go-to option this year!

2. How About Mix and Match Flooring?

You read it right!

If you want to give a unique touch to your floor, mix and match flooring is the one for you this year.

For people who aren’t a big fan of wide designs, mixing flooring of different widths can prove to be a bright idea. These floorings provide a natural finish to your home and help in shaping a contemporary living space.

3. GREY is the New Black

Grey hardwood flooring is dapper, everlasting, & soothing and is one of the hottest flooring trends to look for in 2019.

Grey refinishing gives your hardwood a clean and modern look that homeowners often crave for. Although grey refinishing is difficult to create, you can definitely try to impart a regal finish to your home. You can also consult with a leading flooring company to get some thoughtful design ideas.

4. White is Eternal

Nothing can ever beat the simplicity of white hardwood flooring.

This elegant flooring can instantly take you back to the ‘80s with its natural touch to the floors. Whitewashed flooring can also give you some ‘beachy’ vibes in the city, and who wouldn’t want that?

If you are looking for classic yet edgy flooring for your home, white should be your choice in 2019.

5. Distressed is Not Meant Just for Denim

Yes, distressed flooring is a thing, making waves in the hardwood flooring trends for quite some time.

2019 is going to bring the best-distressed flooring from its stock. The distressed look is achieved by a technique called wire brushing in which a wire is brushed all over the wood to impart a natural character to the wood. The smooth flooring provides a durable yet trendy look to your home.

6. Matte and Satin All the Way

Glimmer and glossy hardwoods are out of preference while matte and satin made a comeback in 2019.

These finishes are rusty, functional, and simple. In addition to this, these are also easier to clean as compared to the gloss finish.

However, a lot of people complain about matte being too dull for their floors. It is no longer a concern because a satin finish is at the rescue. A thin layer of satin on the matte floor can give you a perfect blend of matte and semi-gloss flooring.

7. Contrast is to Fall For

Dark hardwood floors have always been talked about in the town for years – they reflect a beautiful balance of elegance and luxury.

On the other side of the spectrum, we can also see a rise in the inclination for light palette in 2019. An exact opposite of dark shade, that is, raw white is definitely to fall for this year. You can even consider maintaining the best of both shades by ensuring different flooring for distinct areas in your home. This contrast will make your home stand out and convey your bold design-sense.

8. Keep it Simple and Trendy

2019 is not the year to go all glossy and showcase your vibrant flooring to people.

This year is all about keeping it simple yet trendy. The current design in hardwood flooring offers a unique aesthetic appeal. Simpler floors allow for less distracted space leading you to be more creative with the rest of your decor.

Simply put, funky floor patterns are a big NO for this year. Go for sober designs and leave a mark on guests visiting your place.

9. High Variation Wood Floors

The newest trend in 2019 welcomes a high variation of wood floors.

The trend comes from getting a natural finish to the home. We all know that no two logs of wood possess the same color. You cannot replicate the same palette with different logs. But do you the fun part? You can create a high variation floor out of it.

A high variation wood floor uses different hues and shades of wood to produce a modern yet rustic look to the floor. So if you are open to some classy experimentation, you know what to opt for!

10. Wood Floor for Lifetime

Solid hardwoods are in trend in 2019 because of the lasting durability. Another benefit with a solid hardwood floor is that they allow for you to refinish and make color changes as much as you desire. This year, go for solid hardwood and get robust flooring for your home.

You see, hardwood has been trending as the ultimate flooring option, and this is going to continue in 2019. You decide what you love the most and make room for newness and charm!

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