When you think of home, it should mean comfort, warmth, safety, elegance, care, and a lot more. So when you think of flooring options for your home, you should find yourself in a carpet store. Carpets have all these characteristics and a little more. Here are 6 reasons you should choose this material for your residential flooring needs.

1. Carpets Mean Warmth & Great Insulation

There is no other flooring option that can provide as much warmth underfoot as carpet. This makes it perfect for those who love to walk on warm floors in the winter months.

There is more to it than making your family feel warm and cozier during the chilling winter. It also has excellent insulation properties. The carpet works with the under-padding to create multiple layers of insulation in your home. The choice of the right grade and weight can also add to your home’s R-value.

When you shop for your new flooring in rug stores, you can add excellent insulation value to your home–much greater than what hard surfaces can offer. According to a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Textile Engineering, a thicker carpet can offer a high insulation factor no matter the type of fiber you choose.

This feature translates into the following functional benefits too:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Savings on heating costs
  • More comfortable home interior

2. Carpets Mean Greater Safety for Your Family

Carpet flooring is safe at many levels. The soft surface and the cushioned under-padding can reduce most of the impact in case of a fall. The very texture of the surface can prevent the chances of anyone falling in the first place.

When it comes to flooring questions and answers, carpet is considered the safest option for homes with kids and the elderly. It is naturally slip-resistant and prevents slips and falls.

Hardwood flooring, tiles, and other materials may have their unique advantages, but they can become slippery if the texture allows it or when there is a spill.

Children are good at spilling all sorts of liquid and tripping over slippery surfaces. Whether you have toddlers who are learning to walk or elderly members that need help with walking, it is best to choose your flooring from carpet stores. Even if a fall were to happen, the soft surface and cushioning should prevent any injuries.

3.Carpets are Available in Limitless Styles & Colors

When it comes to other flooring materials, your options are limited in one way or the other. While some are limited by their colors, others are available in a few grains, and textures. With carpets, you can choose from endless:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Patterns
  • Shapes

This aesthetic versatility means that you can find an option in a carpet store that perfectly complements or contrasts your interior décor scheme.

In simple terms, carpet is available in more design options than any other flooring material for your home. You may even have them designed to your customized specifications.

Whether your home has a dark and more dramatic look and feel to it or a more contemporary and softer feel, you can find a color that matches the existing theme. Even if the theme or colors vary from one room to another, you can choose the right carpet for each room.

4. Carpets are Comfortable

Standing or walking on a hard surface such as ceramic tiles or hardwood flooring for some time can cause aches or soreness in your body. Hard surfaces do not provide any flexibility underfoot. They cannot work as shock absorbers when you walk over them.

Every time you walk over a hard surface, your body gets a little amount of jolt. Carpets make your life much more comfortable, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet.

This is one of the most important pros used by flooring companies to promote carpet floors. Depending on the thickness and under-padding this floor will provide you with a cushion that absorbs most of the shocks, reducing the stress on your body.

Walking consistently on hard surfaces can cause discomfort on the balls and heels of your feet. The stress can further radiate to the knees and hips. Thus, carpets are not just nice to sit or lay on, they also reduce the stress and discomfort on your joints.

5. Carpets are More Affordable

When you compare carpets with other options including hardwood flooring, this can be an inexpensive choice. Not just the cost of materials and installation, even maintenance can be much more affordable than other materials.

While all materials have a range of advantages, qualities, and prices, carpet is mostly more affordable than hard surfaces. Hardwood, luxury vinyl flooring, and many other hard surface floors require:

  • Special preparation before installation
  • Unique sub-floor treatments
  • Existing flooring coating

With carpets, all your need is a visit to carpet stores and professional installation over almost any type of sub-floor. The associated pre-installation requirements are also minimal. All this translates into significant cost savings.

6. Carpets Provide Better Sound Reduction in Your Home

It is easy to get annoyed by the loud squeaks made by the floorboards or kids running across their bedroom floors. Carpets act as excellent sound barriers. They absorb sound and help keep your home as quiet as you like it to be.

If you have lots of traffic in your home with wood or laminate flooring, you already know how loud these surfaces can be. Your carpet floor will not only stifle the noise but it will also reduce echoes. It does it in a number of ways:

  • It soaks sounds and echoes
  • It absorbs the impact of foot traffic
  • It blocks sound from travelling between floors

Thus, carpet is not just warm, comfortable, safe, and more affordable, it also makes your home quieter.

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