A small and cozy room setting is incomplete without an accent rug. 

Decorative rugs act as the synonym for comfort and class. They pull all the distinct elements of a room together and make everything look in sync. When chosen thoughtfully, an area rug can add a distinctive character to your living space and make it more warm and soothing. Further, rugs help in sound insulation – they can absorb reflecting sounds and make your home more quiet and comforting. 

Now, if you plan to revamp the interior of your home and buy some new rugs, we have some quick rug buying tips ready for you. Being a leading flooring company in Charleston, we have curated some easy points that you should consider to choose a rug that matches the latest trends and your lifestyle. Have a read – 

7 Tips On Buying The Best Area Rugs

Size of Rug – Invest in Small or Go Big?

This is the first and very legit question. 

Well, the size of your rug should always depend on the shape of your room as well as the choice of furniture you are installing in it. A large rug is always the best choice to enhance room decor and make it look large and spacious. If you are worried about placing your furniture, a large rug can accommodate your furniture easily without looking messy. In fact, a large rug with furniture and a defined seating area can render a clean look to your room. 

On the other hand, smaller rugs can also be used to highlight a particular space in your room. These can spruce up your living area and make it look elegant. It’s up to you – let your creative gut help you to choose the best rug size that fits your home well. 

Make Sure Your Rug Defines Your Lifestyle

Rugs are made of either wool yarn or acrylic yarn, and both are deemed suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

While wool yarns are warm and bestow a more comforting feel, acrylic yarns bring cost-effective and low-maintenance benefits. You can choose your rug type depending on your lifestyle, budget, and personal choices. 

Contemplate Your Rug Design and Color

One can find rugs in a wide variety, from handmade rugs in neutral colors to vibrant ones with mesmerizing hues. 

You can choose a rug design with a basic look – they never go out of style and convey your idea of an easy life. However, there are benefits of choosing vibrant rugs too. If the rug is more on the colorful side, it will make your home look alive and hide a lot of stains. This can be the perfect picks for your kitchen or if you have little kiddos at home. 

Figure Out What You Want

What are you looking for? What picture do you have in your mind? Are you looking for a subtle and grounding rug? Or Are you looking for a bold and colorful one? 

Ask yourself these questions and conclude. The second thing you have to do is make sure that your picture meets reality. However, do not keep false expectations. You will notice different designs and styles out there. Keep your crux intact and set yourself open to options. For example, vintage and antique-inspired rugs will bring a sense of character to your space. 

The Battle Between Vintage and New

The battle between vintage and modern rugs is everlasting. 

Vintage rugs are simply beautiful and bring an element of cultural significance with them. From the design to soft wool material, motifs, and color, every little detail of the vintage rugs looks bright and mesmerizing. The addition of vintage rugs can add a unique charm to your living space.

While vintage can offer you an evergreen aesthetic style, modern rugs can give your room a new-age contour. 

Modern rugs have beautiful geometric prints and bizarre designs that incorporate a contemporary look in the home. These are the first preference of homeowners who like all things different and edgy, and if you are one such fellow, make sure to ask your flooring company Charleston to help you find rugs with a modern look & feel.

Your Rugs Should Sync-up With Your Interiors

Rugs are versatile – they can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining space, bathrooms, and entryways to create the first best impression. You can also cover old carpeting or hardwood floor with a rug to give a defined look. All you need is consider your overall decor scheme, the colors of the walls, the lighting effects, and room size to get that perfect rug!

Broaden Your Search Options

Gone are the days when you would go shopping for products in the local store near you. Today, you can sit on your comfortable couch and explore the widest range of rugs and carpets online. This is indeed a smart way to search for a rug of your choice; you can explore multiple designs, check sizes, and order the quantity you need. This is easy and will help you cherry-pick an ideal rug design for your home. 

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