If you’re thinking about changing or updating the floors in your home, then the fall can be a good time to find inspiration and look for new ideas. The sheer number of colors that fall brings with it is enough to fill your head with ideas of introducing more nature into your home, whether it’s through natural materials or taking inspiration from nature’s colors.

There are hundreds of different designs and combinations of flooring that you could introduce into your home. Knowing what’s on trend will help you give your home that extra bit of style to impress friends and family. Here are some ideas that will give your home a new lease of life.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for the best of everything on this list, you can be sure that luxury vinyl flooring is the answer. One of the great things about vinyl is that it comes in different colors and patterns. You can buy vinyl flooring that has a hardwood effect, or you can find vinyl that has a tiled pattern effect. Either way, you are likely to find some design that you like, whereas, with other flooring types, you are limited to what the material can deliver.

Another bonus is that vinyl flooring is a very cost-effective way of covering the floors in your home. It is less expensive than hardwood flooring and can also deliver savings over tiled flooring. Most modern vinyl is hard wearing and is suitable for use in the kitchen and bathroom, or wherever you choose to install it.

Dark Hardwood Flooring

One of the many great things about using hardwood flooring in your home is that it can be used in any house. It goes just as well in the kitchen as it does in the bedroom or living room. Hardwood flooring is also very versatile and hard-wearing. When installed, it can easily be shaped to fit around different units or to odd-shaped walls, making it perfect for awkward spaces.

Hardwood flooring is certainly a timeless classic, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if you choose this for the flooring in your home, it will always be in style. There are many different types of flooring that you can choose made of different kinds of wood, have different oils and finishes, and come in different colors. Some colors and species work better in different rooms. Dark wooden flooring and even black flooring is trendy at the moment. It gives the room a modern edge and can really help to highlight any colored furniture in the room like a couch or a bedspread.

Large Bathroom Tiles, Dark Kitchen Tiles

One noticeable trend growing over the past few years is using large tiles in bathrooms, both as floor coverings and surrounding the bath and shower. Many homeowners try to replicate the looks and the style of expensive hotel bathrooms by using these tiles. It can have a very significant effect when done well in your own home. Another great advantage of having tiles in your bathroom as a floor covering is that they work well if you have underfloor heating. What’s better than stepping out of a hot shower onto a warm floor?

In addition to using tiles in the bathroom, they can also be used in the kitchen and the entrance hall. Darker tiles are trendy when used on the floor in a kitchen or dining room. People often choose black and white patterned tiles, which are making a comeback. Textured tiles are also popular and can be used effectively to complement the colors of work surfaces, often made to look like stone or wood. Tiles are also straightforward to clean and maintain, so they are suitable for use in high-traffic areas like entrance halls.

Patterned Carpet

Many people’s minds tend to go straight to the carpet when thinking about floor coverings in their homes. It’s still one of the most popular materials people use on their floors, but you can be sure that just like clothing, carpet comes in and out of fashion. That’s why you need to think carefully about the type of carpet you choose and pick something that is still going to be as stylish in a few years.

The trend currently is for people to have light-colored and relatively plain carpet in their homes. Many people want their home to have a light and airy feel and prefer to add their own style using rugs, furniture, and wall art. However, if you can’t resist the temptation of buying a patterned carpet for your home, you might like to consider geometric patterns, subtle patterns with complementary earthy tones, and cut and loop styles, which create interesting patterns.

Large Rugs

Generally speaking, rugs are always popular and can be used almost anywhere in the home. Despite this, it doesn’t take much for a rug that you bought 10 years ago to look out of place in your home now, especially if you have chosen other areas of your home to modernize, such as wallpaper and furniture.

When you are picking out a rug, it’s important to have a space or a specific room in mind. It’s all too easy to see a rug you like and purchase it there and then without thinking about if it will fit in your room or if it will go with other pieces of furniture at your house.

One of the most popular types or styles of rug that people are buying is low pile rugs. They are ideal for use underneath furniture like dining tables. Color and pattern-wise multi-colored rugs are definitely on-trend right now. More and more people choose to install a subtle colored carpet and add their own style and flair with rugs and furniture.