If you’re looking for the perfect new floors, we know you have questions that need experienced answers. For example, some homeowners ask about the need for underlayment, and that's an important consideration.

Not all floor coverings need an underlayment, but some do, and understanding the difference is vital to your best results. Here are some things to consider as you shop for flooring.

The need for a smooth subfloor surface

Some flooring types need a perfectly smooth subfloor to ensure the best and longest-lasting results. In these cases, an underlayment caters to that need, offering results that will give you a surface that lasts longer.

Our flooring company offers underlayment materials that vary based on your need, including plywood, felt, rubber, and cork, to name a few. It can point to a specific material if you have other conditions that need attention.

When moisture is an issue

An underlayment is always necessary when subfloor moisture issues are a concern. If you’re installing over concrete, it’s best to include a moisture barrier, and some underlayments provide this benefit as part of their service.

Choosing the proper underlayment can erase worries about mildew, mold, warped flooring, and other harm from your new floors. Being careful during this step of your installation can give you outstanding results and peace of mind that’s last as long as your flooring.

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