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What's the Best Type of Hardwood Flooring?

What's the Best Type of Hardwood Flooring?

How to find the best hardwood floors
Hardwood floors are classic in any space. Choosing hardwood floors gives you a beautiful clean slate to create any decor style, whether you are looking for a modern oasis or a traditional home base. When it comes to choosing the right hardwood floors for your home, the best hardwood floors are dependent on?well, you!

The key to hardwood floors is you
As much as we would love to have a one-size-fits-all when it comes to hardwood flooring, the truth is everyone has different design needs and desires. But fear not, we have plenty of tips to help you find the right floors for you, your family, your pets, and your favorite activities. Choosing the right wood flooring goes well beyond color. Of course, color is important, but finding floors that are durable enough for your space and fit into your budget are considerations that can?t be overlooked.

Foot traffic is a factor
The first step in picking out your hardwood flooring is determining what room it will go in. This matters because the amount of wear and tear your floor experiences can often vary by room. For example, the spills and foot traffic that takes place in the kitchen far exceed those of the master bedroom. So, location can help determine what type of durability you will need when choosing hardwood floors.

You dan't have to break your budget
Another important factor to consider is your budget, as some wood types are more expensive than others. Ebony is one of the most expensive species of wood because it is not only rare but also durable and termite resistant. On the other hand, wood-look laminate and luxury vinyl planks are an inexpensive way to get the hardwood look you want for less.

In addition to different types of wood, there are various products and methods for finishing floors. Some wood planks come prefinished from the factory, and others need to be finished after installation. The cost varies for each type of floor and floor finish. To understand the details and cost of hardwood floors, visit or call your local?Flooring America.

Hardwood floors come in a rainbow of colors
Last, how you want your floors to look is a major factor. There?s an incredible array of wood species, but the most popular ones are hickory, oak, cherry, ash, maple, ebony, and bamboo. Each of these species has subspecies, that can range in color, and have unique grain patterns. For instance, cherry has distinctive warm red hues, where white oak is light and adds white accents. It?s essential to have a vision for what you want your room to look like so you can find the right wood species and color.

It is also crucial to consider that wood changes over time. Seasonally, wood can expand and shrink, and sunlight can also change the coloration of your wood over time. Maintenance and refinishing might be required to keep your hardwood floors looking their best. As always, your?Flooring America?experts are here to help you every step of the way.