While the weather is still lovely, and the sunshine energizes you is the perfect time to improve your home and make it look and feel amazing.

Once the summer is over and the weather is dull, you’ll be spending much more time indoors and will have much less energy, so now is a great time to make your home feel just the way you desire.

Many homeowners focus on choosing new furniture or ornaments. However, the team at Palmetto Carpet & Flooring Covers know that upgrading your home’s flooring can make your space feel fresh and inviting.

A new floor can make your home feel like new, but it’s not always easy to replace your entire floor. Replacing your home’s floors take a lot of time, energy, and money, but there are other, easier ways to improve your floors.

Check out our list of easy ways to update your floors so that you can refresh your home and make it feel like new without putting in a lot of effort.

Choose An Area Rug

An area rug is one of the best ways to quickly upgrade your floor and make it look and feel better. These expansive rugs come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, so you can find the one that suits your style. Some of our area rugs are so large that you can create the look and feel without the hassle. You can quickly change up the look of any room by choosing the perfect area rug. These versatile solutions are ideal for homeowners who want to embrace the latest interior design trends without regularly replacing their floors.

Select A Doormat

Enhancing your entryway is easy if you find a new doormat. There are many different styles on the market, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your tastes. From quirky phrases to pretty pictures, doormats come in all shapes and styles and will allow you to make your hallway inviting and encourage guests to wipe their feet before they enter your home. Clean feet means clean floors in your home, so a new doormat will do more than make your entrance look great; it will also help you keep the floors throughout your home looking clean and tidy.

Deep-Clean Your Carpets

Carpet looks stunning in most rooms, but it can quickly get dirty, particularly if you have children or pets. The dirty carpet looks dull and uninviting. We’ve got a vast array of different carpets to suit any homeowner, so if you need to replace your carpet, we’re the best partner. However, if your carpet needs revitalizing, then you should consider deep-cleaning it. Deep-cleaning involves more than just running a vacuum over it; like any material, you need to wash it to get rid of the dirt and grime. Shampooing your carpet will restore it to its former luster and give it a new lease of life.

Varnish Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a gorgeous natural solution for your home, but they can become dull and scratched if you don’t revarnish them. It would help if you sanded down your hardwood floor before applying a fresh layer of varnish to ensure that the outcome is pristine. If your hardwood floor is old and you’ve revarnished it many times, then consider replacing it with a new one to recreate the effect that you want.

Add A Few Tiles

Redecorating a bathroom or kitchen can be a challenge, as there are so many factors to think about and different products on the market. One easy way to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room is to add some signature tiles. You don’t have to cover your floor in tiles; a small section will stand out and make the room look rejuvenated. Check out our range of ceramic tiles to find the ones that will enhance your space and make it look stylish and sleek. You can choose a small patch of floor to cover in beautiful, signature tiles, or you could take the opportunity to redo the entire floor and cover it in tiles, which will last for many years and look incredible.

Clean Between Your Tiles

Many properties already have beautiful tiled floors, but years of wear will leave them looking dull and listless. If you want to quickly rejuvenate your tiled floors and make them look as good as new, then you should clean the grouting between the tiles, as well as washing the tiles themselves. Cleaning between the tiles might seem like a challenge, but you can easily clean the grouting in your home using a vinegar and water solution. If you want a more robust cleaning solution, then consider buying or renting a steam cleaning tool for your tiled floors. These solutions will help you reach down between the tiles and clean every piece of dirt and grime. If your tiles and grouting still look drab after a deep-clean, then this might be a sign that it’s time for you to replace your tiles. If you love the look and feel of ceramic tiles but not the maintenance and cleaning, we have many solutions that can emulate tiles’ appearance. Our laminate and luxury vinyl flooring products can look like tiles, but they’re both more hardwearing and easier to clean.

Consider Replacing Your Floors

If your home’s floors are old and outdated, or you want to improve every aspect of your décor, then consider replacing your floors. We’ve got one of the largest selections of new floor coverings in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, so we can help you to find the perfect solution for any room. Our friendly team is on hand to advise homeowners and offer them the benefit of their extensive experience.

If you’re looking to redo your floors this summer and completely transform your home, then Palmetto Carpet & Flooring Covers is the perfect partner. Contact us, and our team of flooring experts will be more than happy to discuss the options and help you to find the ideal flooring solution for every room in your home.