The floor is one of the most crucial parts of your home; it keeps your feet safe and comfortable and holds your furniture and precious possessions in position.

While we all know that our floor choices can affect our cleaning schedule, interior design, and the stability of our furniture, you might be surprised by how much your flooring choices can affect your health and wellbeing.

The team at Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings knows all that there is to know about flooring solutions and how they can affect people, so sit back and read about how your choices could be detrimental to your health and what you can do to fix the problem.

The Wrong Floor Could Be Unstable

If your floor is old or you didn’t get it laid down by a professional, it could be bumpy and unstable, causing accidents for you and your loved ones.

Hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to this, as poorly laid or old floors can warp and become a trip hazard. As such, you should consult the experts to find a hardwood flooring solution that looks great and is safe for your family and friends to walk across when they spend time in your home.

If You’re Not Cleaning Your Floor, Properly It Could Harbor Bacteria

A dirty floor can harbor potentially deadly bacteria, so you must clean your floor correctly, especially in rooms that get very wet such as your bathroom or kitchen.

If you’ve got the wrong flooring solution in these rooms, then you could find it challenging to clean your floor, resulting in dirty areas that quickly become dangerous and filled with bacteria and grime.

For anyone struggling to clean their floor, we offer a range of easy to maintain solutions. For example, our ceramic tiles create a beautiful, smooth surface that you can clean easily.

We also offer luxury vinyl flooring solutions that give you a pristine finish without all the maintenance, so you can keep your home clean and looking amazing without putting in a lot of hard work and effort!

Old Carpet Can Harbor Bacteria

Poorly laid floors can be dangerous, but so can old carpets. They might have been perfect when you first had them installed, but over the years, they will have gathered bacteria and dirt.

The result could be allergies, sneezing, and even respiratory problems. If you have pets and children, then you’re even more likely to have mites and grime on your carpet.

So, if your carpet is old, or it came with your home, and you’ve not had it replaced, then now could be the ideal time to upgrade.

We offer a wide range of carpets, so no matter your tastes and style, you can find a solution that suits your home and enhances your décor.

Poorly Laid Bathroom Floors Could Cause Accidents

Many accidents occur in the bathroom because the floor is slippery and doesn’t afford you much purchase. However, if your bathroom floor wasn’t laid by an expert, then it could cause even more trips and falls.

No one wants to slip and hurt themselves in the bathroom, so work with Charleston, SC’s leading flooring team at Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings to ensure that you have a safe and stunning floor in your bathroom.

Our expert fitters will install whatever flooring solution you choose for your bathroom and make sure that it is perfectly flat and smooth.

As a result, you can feel safe that you’re stepping on a flat surface that isn’t a trip hazard when you walk in your bathroom.

It Might Make You Feel Less At Home In Your House

If you don’t have a flooring solution that you like the look of, which makes you feel comfortable, it could affect your mental well-being and make you feel less relaxed in your home.

Your mental well-being affects your physical health, so you must try to make yourself feel as comfortable and happy in your home.

For a short-term fix, check out our range of area rugs to find one that can cover over an ugly floor and give you something soft underfoot.

Alternatively, if you want a permanent solution, then try installing a beautiful carpet that will make you feel at home and give you a safe place to retreat to when life gets you down.

If you want to improve your well-being and make your house feel like a home, then get in touch with Palmetto Carpet and Floor Coverings. We have one of the biggest selections of flooring solutions in the Mount Pleasant, SC area, and our experts are always happy to talk to you about them and how they can improve your property.