Pets are a common occurrence in today’s homes, with research showing that almost 40% of America’s households own a dog, and just over 25% keep a cat.

Our furry friends are great companions who see us through hard times and offer unconditional love and support, but they can also be a menace to your home décor.

It is particularly true when it comes to your floors. From having accidents that damage the surface to scratching flooring materials and even attempting to dig through the flooring, they can quickly wreak havoc with your beautiful floor.

Everyone at Palmetto Carpet & Flooring Covers understands that you love your pets, but also that you want your home to look and feel great. Here are some tips from our flooring experts to help pet owners who aren’t sure how to stop their beloved pets from ruining their floors.

Keep Caged Animals Off The Floor

As obvious as it sounds, you must keep caged animals, such as rabbits, hamsters, and birds, off the ground. Place their cage on top of furniture, rather than buying them a standing pen if possible, as the small, pointed legs of a standing cage can leave marks on your floor.

If your pet requires exercise and socialization during the day, then consider letting them out in a secure area of the garden, or if they’re a bird, placing newspaper or some other form of coverage on the floor. For small rodents, like hamsters and gerbils, a ball can allow them to explore your home without causing damage to your floor, as long as you make sure that they’re supervised while they play in it.

Housetrain Your Pet

Pets such as cats and dogs, which are usually free to roam around your house, need to be housetrained so that they don’t relieve themselves on your floors. Teach your dog to bark at the door when they want to be let out and give your cat a litter tray and train them to use it.

By training your pet, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up after them, save your floors, and generally keep your home fresh and welcoming.

If Your Pet Does Have An Accident, Clear It Up Quickly

Accidents happen to even the most well-trained pets, but you must clean it up quickly to avoid it, causing damage to your floor.

This is particularly true if the accident happened on a porous, natural surface such as a hardwood floor. If you don’t act quickly, then your floor could soak up acid liquid or get stained. As such, your pet must be left home alone as little as possible.

Trim Their Nails or Claws

Most pets, except snakes, have claws or nails of some form. If your pet roams around your home regularly, as many do, then these claws could scratch the surface of your floor. This is particularly true with natural floors, such as hardwood or ceramic tiles.

.As such, you must trim their claws regularly to ensure that they don’t get too long and damage your floors. You can do this yourself at home, take your pet to a grooming parlor, or even the vets. However you choose to do it, trimming their nails or claws will not only protect your floor but also keep your pet healthy and happy.

Avoid Carpet In Areas Your Pet Spends A Lot Of Time In

Carpet is a beautiful floor covering, but it can easily be damaged by the moisture that your pet brings into your home on its fur. It can also be a haven for pests such as fleas and ticks, so you shouldn’t put carpet down in areas where your pet spends a lot of their time.

Instead, try using a more durable flooring product such as luxury vinyl or laminate flooring. These quality solutions are designed to last, so your home will look fantastic for many years to come. Please choose a quality supplier like us to ensure that you get the best possible product and that it’s perfectly fitted to your space.

Use Rugs To Make Your Home Feel Cozy

The reason many homeowners choose carpet for their floors is that it feels warm and snug underfoot. As mentioned above, carpet isn’t an ideal solution for those with pets, so consider using a rug to make your room cozier and keep your pets from ruining your floor.

You can find a beautiful area rug and place this in the room area you want to spend the most time in. You can then train your pet to avoid the carpet or simply clean it regularly to remove the dirt and grime that contact with your pet will bring.

Choose A Stain Resistant Carpet If You Want To Use It

Carpet can be useful for reducing noise, which is excellent if your pet’s feet often make a sound on the floors while they’re walking. As such, they might be the solution that you feel is perfect for your home.

If you have to have a carpet, choose a stain-resistant one like the range we offer at our carpet store. This will ensure that any accidents don’t leave lasting marks and that dirt and mud can be quickly cleaned off.

If your pet has caused damage to your floors already, or you want to upgrade them and make your house feel like a home, then we’re here to help. As a longstanding carpet and flooring store based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Palmetto Carpet & Floor Coverings has the expertise to help you to find the flooring solutions you’ve always wanted.

Contact our flooring company to find out more about our range of products and how our expert fitters can ensure that they’re installed correctly so that they make your home look and feel like a sanctuary for many years to come.