There’s nothing as luxurious as having a beautiful new carpet installed. A good quality carpet can bring an entire room together. Carpets also perform essential functions like keeping your home warm, acting as soundproofing, and providing a cushioning surface for feet and protection from falls. That’s why it’s so important to keep your carpet looking its best for as long as possible.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Having furniture on your carpeting, particularly heavy furniture, can put a strain on your carpet. It is best, therefore to move furniture regularly to ensure that no one piece of carpet is taking more strain than any other.

This will have the bonus of meaning that the footfall, which can be another stressor on your carpeting, will change at the same time.

Rearranging your furniture is best done once or twice a year. You could try having a summer and a winter home layout, make it different every time, or even swap rooms around – there are many options which will keep your carpet, and your home, fresh and new.

If you have new carpets in your home office or dining room that you want to protect, then consider getting a chair mat. This approach will not only save your carpet from the effects of desk chair wheels but will also make it easier to maneuver in your chair.

No Shoes Allowed!

We’ve all been to a friend or relative’s house and heard the stressed request that you take off your shoes before entering. Many of us shrug this off as an overbearing but unnecessary need to protect the flooring. Ensuring that you minimize the number of shoes that touch your carpet is hugely vital for keeping your rug or carpet new for as long as possible.

Ensuring that your family and any visitors take off their shoes before stepping onto your carpet will prevent any dirt from being tracked into your carpet and will protect it from the rough soles of shoes.

Footfall on your carpeting is inevitable but ensuring that, for the most part, only softer soles touch your carpet can do wonders for keeping your carpet in the best condition.

Use Baking Soda

A crucial part of keeping your carpet in the best condition is keeping it smelling new. Using baking soda can help to achieve this without having to use a time-consuming carpet clearer and then worry about getting your carpet thoroughly dried.

Baking soda is excellent for absorbing smells. This makes it an essential step for keeping your carpet smelling fresh. Sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet or rug before you vacuum, allow it some time to settle, and then vacuum it up.

Vacuum Regularly

This tip may seem an obvious one but vacuuming at least once a week will do wonders for keeping your carpet new. Vacuuming often will prevent any dirt from sticking or getting trodden into your carpet.

Where possible you should aim for twice a week, or more if you know that the dog has tracked sand or dirt through the house! It is essential not to let dirt have time to settle and stick in your carpet, as it will only make getting it out later more difficult.

It would help if you also kept on top of your vacuum maintenance; a full or clogged vacuum won’t do the job as well as you need it to, so make sure you take care of it.

Tackle Stains Immediately

As soon as a spill happens, make sure you treat it immediately no matter how small the stain. You may not realize how a stain can affect the look of your carpet until it’s too late, and the stain is locked in tight.

Always start by absorbing as much of the liquid as possible with paper towels or a clean dishtowel. Do not use anything that risks exacerbating the stain.

There are all kinds of different carpet cleaners out there, depending on what kind of stain you have. Having some carpet cleaner on hand is a must for tough stains, but there are also things like club soda, which is excellent for wine stains, and shaving cream, which works for most stains.

Trim Any Loose Ends

If you have pets, you might find that claws end up pulling tufts and threads on your carpet. Always carefully trim any tufts or snags with scissors to prevent any further damage to your carpet.

Similar to a loose thread in an item of clothing, pulling a loose end, thread, or snag from your carpet can do more damage than good. If not dealt with straight away then those same claws can end up pulling threads further, as can any passing footfall, so it’s best to remove any snags you see as soon as possible.

Deep Cleaning

If you want to go the extra mile in keeping your carpet fresh having a deep clean can be just the thing. You can do this at any time, though it is best not to wait until your carpet looks like it requires some TLC. Prevention can be much better than a cure when it comes to carpet maintenance.

You can find carpet cleaners to rent, and the steam cleaning provided by these machines can be fantastic for getting to any deeply embedded dirt and grime. If this is too hands-on and time-consuming for you, there are plenty of professional services out there to choose from so you can save time and effort.

Consider If Your It’s Time To Replace Your Carpet

While it is possible to ensure a good long life for your carpet, there is a limit to how long your carpet can last. Carpets take a beating no matter how careful you are and eventually the time will come that a replacement may be needed. You can have a look at the great options available here.

Or if you think it’s time for a change maybe you could consider luxury vinyl flooring, laminate flooring or hardwood flooring instead. These are in many ways easier to clean than your typical carpet, though they do come with necessary cleaning and maintenance considerations as well.