A good, comfortable, and cozy home is a dream of many.

Almost every person dreams of a beautiful home with all the modern interiors and decor items. From selecting the proper palette of curtains to choosing the right table lamp to brighten up a corner, we pay keen attention to every detail. These minute intricacies matter and reflect our personality, lifestyle, and overall perception towards life.

Turning a house into a dream home takes a lot of effort – you have to be a bit creative, innovative, and smart with your interior preferences. Selecting the right palette for walls is paramount, but choosing the right floor covering is no less important.

Whether you are thinking of renovating your home or building a new place, flooring deserves your grand attention. Floors are most prone to spillage, and it can leave permanent stains that can blur the beauty of your home aesthetics. It is wise to invest in the right type of carpet & flooring solution to protect your home floor while adding a distinctive charm.

Luckily, several flooring companies present various flooring services in Charleston, SC. They bring a wide range of floor coverings that can fit every need and budget. However, with such eclectic carpet choices, it is quite likely for you to get overwhelmed while selecting the one for your abode. To ditch this anxious feeling, it is suggested to dig into the options available at your hand, learn about them, and then choose the one you find fit for your place. With this post, we have narrowed down some of the best flooring options you can consider. Read on and know what can go well for your home or commercial establishment.

Types of Floor Coverings

In this modern time and age, we enjoy the premium opportunity of finding an option that matches our unique preferences. Leading carpet companies bring vast floor covering options that you can explore and cherry-pick the best one. Let’s check out some of the flooring options we have at our disposal today –

1. Carpet

Carpets can be considered the elemental flooring option dating back to decades. These have been the most popular options of floor coverings because of the warmth and comfort they provide. Besides being comfy, a carpet offers aesthetic beauty and enhances the elegance of your place.
Generally, carpets are made up of wool, nylon, or polypropylene.

a. Wool Carpets

These are the oldest type of carpets and are usually expensive. However, wool carpets are resilient, durable, and give a luxurious appeal to the home. Wool carpet should not be mistaken for authentic wool because a blend of wool and other polymers is prepared and formed into a carpet to provide additional insulative properties, including synthetic fiber or nylon.

b. Nylon Carpets

Being budget-friendly, nylon carpets are the most commonly used carpet and are available in almost every store. Nylon carpets are attractive with plenty of colors and shades to choose from. These are also resilient but are generally prone to stains. So, if your concern is just about giving an impressive finish to your floor, it is a good option.

c. Polypropylene Carpets

It is more or less similar to nylon carpet and is also cost-effective as compared to wool carpet. However, it is not as durable as nylon and wool. Moreover, it is harder to dye. If you are looking for some decent carpet for your office, this can be the one for you.

2. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the second most preferred flooring option after carpets because it offers greater water resistance, flexibility, and durability. Besides this, it is less expensive than ceramic tile flooring.
Similar to carpets, vinyl floorings come in different colors and attractive patterns to choose from. It can be easily installed and, in some cases, give the appearance of ceramic tile or flooring hardwood. If you want an elegant look as well as a high degree of protection for your home, luxury vinyl flooring will suit your needs.

3. Ceramic Tiles

As the name suggests, ceramic tiles are made up of clays. The clay is baked at extremely high temperature and pressure to mold it into a tile. The quality of ceramic tile depends on the temperature it has been baked and the number of kilns it has been passed through. Generally, you can come across two types of ceramic tiles –

a. Monocottura Tiles

Monocottura stands for ‘single-fired,’ i.e., these tiles have been fried, baked, and glazed in the kilns only once. These are much more durable and resilient than the latter ones.

b. Bicottura Tiles

Bicottura stands for ‘double-fired,’ i.e., these tiles have been fried, baked, and glazed in different kilns at varied temperatures. The ‘double firing’ is done to render an attractive appeal and decorations. As these tiles are less durable than monocottura hence are restricted to only wall usage.

4. Hardwood Flooring

Charleston hardwood flooring gives an exquisite finish to the home. These are unique, elegant, and luxurious, all at once. Most of the exotic and hardwood species are used in forming hardwood flooring. A distinct variety of woods provide a different effect, including the grain of the wood, thickness, etc. These are mostly durable and provides warmth to the home. If you want to give a classic appeal to your home, you should definitely go for hardwood flooring.

5. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is generally a type of hardwood flooring. Unlike hardwood flooring, laminates are made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. This provides the prime look of wood and is much cheaper than hardwood. Since it is made from composite wood, it gives greater durability and water tolerance than hardwood. However, these look less-finished as compared to the others. This means that if you want a look of hardwood at a lower price, laminate flooring can be your best deal.

Final Verdict

Flooring is crucial for obvious reasons, most importantly, to secure your floor from stains and cracks. The choice of flooring depends on the area you are installing. One flooring might be suitable for your kitchen, but it will not give the best results in the bathroom; ergo, careful observation is required. It would help if you mainly looked for water resistance while selecting flooring for the bathroom and stain protection for the kitchen. Similarly, elegant and decorative flooring should be the choice for the living room. I hope you make an informed choice!

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