As a ceramic tile store in Mt Pleasant & Charleston SC,  one of the strongest emerging trends for 2019, there are many reasons why you should be looking closer at ceramic tiles for your home. Technology has transformed the humble ceramic tile, making them a truly versatile option that can be designed and used in a wide variety of ways. Reading the 2019 Flooring Trends: Top 8 Flooring Ideas below shows that variety and customization are the year’s key trend drivers. Homeowners are increasingly looking at ceramic tiles due to their flexibility and functionality. If you’re not sure whether or not ceramic tiles are right for your home, then here are some of the tile trends that are set to be the most prevalent in 2019.

Personalized Look

One of the reasons why ceramic tiles are back at the forefront of home flooring is that they are simple to customize. Hand-painted tiles have been making a comeback in recent years, but 2019 looks set to see them being adopted on a more widespread scale. Hand-painted tiles allow homeowners to create a less homogenous effect. That can help give any room a more colorful and personalized appearance that avoids perfection and can be used for maximum effect on both floors and surfaces.

Retro Herringbone

Although this has long been a popular design for hardwood flooring, the growing demand for a more retro look has seen herringbone make its presence strongly felt in sales of ceramic tiles. For homeowners looking for the retro look, herringbone ceramic tiles are the perfect blend of classic style with a modern twist. The herringbone’s geometric patterns make it simple to achieve a more fun pattern to play within any room, which is why the herringbone has always endured as a style choice.

Art Deco

For those that like herringbone’s geometry but are concerned about it being too busy a look, the art deco option could be the perfect compromise. With a focus on geometry far more intense than herringbone designs, these shapes and styles can help create a much more sophisticated and elegant look and feel to your rooms. With the blend of attractive and modern design with a hint of nostalgia, look at geometry and art deco for something extraordinary and incredibly popular.

Changing the Finish

Ceramic tiles have come a long way, and modern versions can benefit from various personalization options. One of the most obvious is the fact that buyers are no longer restricted to single finish tiles. Now, homeowners can easily customize the look of their tiles with any finish that they want. From matte to gloss and beyond, playing with the finish of your tile choices allows you to have much more control over your rooms’ final appearance and better able to play with the sensation of depth wherever they are used.

Wonders of Wood

As a flooring choice that never goes out of style, wood will always be a favorite option. The problem is that wooden flooring can be costly and high maintenance. Ceramic tiles that have been designed by flooring companies in Charleston to look like wood are looking like one of the more surprising trends in 2019. Much easier to clean than real wooden floors, Charleston’s ceramic tiles with a wood design come in a wide range of styles and types. This makes it easier than ever to get the look that homeowners want, without the high costs of traditional wooden floors.

Earthy and Muted

One of the biggest design trends of the year is the need for more muted and neutral colorings. Earthy colors are going to be huge in 2019, and if you’re considering a new floor, then ceramic tiles could be the solution that you’re looking for. Because ceramic tiles can be colored and designed to your specifications, getting that soft, earthen look is easier than ever. Look at the more popular color choices like rust, copper, and terracotta. Adopting this trend is ideal for those who are hoping to create a warming sensation in their home.

Black and White

When most people think of ceramic tiles, they think of black and white flooring in bathrooms. It’s no wonder really, as this is a classic and elegant design that will always remain popular. That chessboard look is not the only way to incorporate the elegance of black and white into your home. Striped designs are proving to be especially popular this year, and the blend of classical coloring alongside more modern designs could be the key to getting the look from your interior that you’ve always wanted. The general perception of black and white tiles is that it’s tough to go wrong with this choice, and that’s why it’s likely to have a strong performance in 2019.

Bringing the Outdoors In

The most sought-after look this year will be due to the increasing popularity of blending the indoor and outdoor space. This is a glorious look when it is designed well, and making a seamless transition from the garden to the home’s interior is surprisingly simple to get right. As people start spending more time in their gardens, it’s no wonder why this look has been steadily growing in popularity. The best way to get the most from this trend is to make sure that you take inspiration from your environment and mix and match your ceramic tiles’ functionality. This can help you get a matching appearance while getting the best function for indoor and outdoor spaces.

It’s no wonder that ceramic tiles in Charleston see such a rapid rise in popularity. Their durability and flexibility of design are the most commonly cited reasons for the continued interest in ceramic tiles. With the added benefits of low costs and low-maintenance, homeowners hoping to stay ahead of the design trends in 2019 are well-advised to take a closer look at the range of styles and designs that are looking like being the most popular ceramic tile flooring trends of 2019.