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Bathroom remodeling


What bathroom remodeling information are you looking for?

When it’s time for bathroom remodeling, there are a wealth of options available to you, each one with variables of its own. However, it can help break down each portion of the service and the products that accompany them and take them one at a time. To find out more about how to do that, read along with us here.

Let us help with your bathroom remodel

One of the most widely remodeled aspects of any bathroom is the flooring because it sees excessive traffic, trying circumstances, and should be durable enough to handle it all with ease. Products that work well in this space include porcelain and ceramic tile, luxury vinyl planks and tiles, and some waterproof laminate options. Each material offers its characteristics, so one is likely to serve you better than all the others.

Shower tile is another popular material, giving you a beautiful, functional surface you can enjoy for many years to come. Choose from a wealth of colors, designs, styles, formats, and sizes to create something as unique and personalized as you need them to be. You will also enjoy the option to match your shower design with flooring, backsplashes, and even wall accent pieces, for beautiful results.

If you need affordable options, be sure to speak with your associate about taking this remodel in parts to make the whole a little easier to bear. For instance, you can start with replacing your floor covering, and once that's done, you can work on cabinets and shelves, and then appliances, light fixtures, and window treatments. For assistance with any aspect of your remodel, feel free to stop by and speak with a professional.



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Your best bathroom flooring awaits you

Palmetto Carpet & Floor Coverings has all the products and services you need for a bathroom remodel you can count on for many years to come. Whether you only need to replace the flooring or cabinetry, or you’re looking to makeover the entire room, we have everything necessary for the task. Our associates are standing by to ensure you have everything you need, so speak with us about your requirements today.

From our showrooms in Mount Pleasant, SC, we proudly serve residents from Mount Pleasant, SC, Charleston, SC, Isle of Palms, SC, Sullivan's Island, SC, Goose Creek, SC, Hanahan, SC, Awendaw, SC, and Summerville, SC. You are invited to visit us to speak with our experienced associates any time you’re in the area. This is a great time to replace bathroom flooring, cabinets, appliances, and so much more, so be sure to stop by any time.