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Why Is Carpet Padding or Cushion Important?

Why Is Carpet Padding or Cushion Important?

When you?re installing new wall-to-wall carpet in your home, there?s one thing you can?t forget about: carpet padding. Carpet padding (also called carpet cushion) has an array of important functions, impacting both your carpet?s appearance and its long-term performance. If you?ve ever wondered what goes under your carpet, or why it?s critical to have carpet padding in general, here?s what you need to know.

Protecting your carpet - on both sides

One of the most critical aspects of carpet padding is the protection it provides. Simply put, carpet padding will help your carpet last longer. Carpet cushion or padding works to protect the under layer of your home?s carpet from wearing against the base floor the carpet lays on top of. It also protects the top layer of your carpet from furniture indentations and the wear and tear of foot traffic. Without a carpet cushion or padding underneath your carpet, you?ll end up with a frayed and worn carpet?on both sides. And you will need to replace it much sooner.

Softer feel
Another important benefit of carpet padding is the key insulation it provides. This is not only a great benefit when it comes to retaining heat in your home?carpet padding really does help with those pesky heating bills?but it?s also an important factor when you?re considering sound insulation, too. Are you thinking of re-doing a basement, or turning a den into a game room? Make sure to put a carpet pad under that carpet, and your teenage daughter?s drum kit won?t be?quite?so loud anymore. Even better? Carpet padding creates a great soft underfoot-feel.

So, what is carpet padding made out of?
Carpet padding is made from rubber, foam, or fiber?forming a sponge-like material. It?s usually purchased in a roll or pad, and laid out underneath your carpet; sometimes it will be cut into shapes to fit specific corners of your home. Another benefit to a good carpet pad? Further protection?and waterproofing?for your floors. Though many carpets on the market today are very durable and waterproof, a big leak or flood in your home could be costly. Having that extra layer of padding underneath your carpet as a moisture barrier can pay off in a big way.

Do I need to buy the thickest carpet pad?
One might assume premium carpet padding must mean buying the thickest carpet padding on the market, but this is not always the case. Thickness in carpet padding definitely pays off in rooms where kids will be playing on the floor a lot, or if you plan to be doing a lot of hosting and standing up in your carpeted room. However, too much thickness can be a pain if you want to move furniture around frequently, or if someone in your family uses a wheelchair. It all comes down to finding the right fit for your lifestyle.?

Is carpet padding expensive?

Considering how important carpet padding is to the longevity of your carpet, it?s a relatively inexpensive (dare we say essential) investment for your home. Carpet padding is usually $3 or $4 per square yard, and sometimes a bit more for professional installation. However, with all the benefits that carpet cushioning brings to your carpet?s overall performance and your enjoyment of it, you?ll be glad you said yes.

Need more help?
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